我们写这一页的目的是为了清楚地解释1974年的《bet365中文》, 修订的," known generally as "FERPA" or "The Buckley Amendment."   This information references directly the FERPA page on ed.gov at the following link:



FERPA是美国联邦法律,保护学生记录的隐私审查和披露权. 这是一项联邦法律,由美国家庭政策合规办公室(Office)执行.S. Department of Education (Department).  法律保障了bet365中文大学在校和往届学生的这些权利. To help you understand FERPA and what it means to you, this page addresses a variety of records privacy questions.

What is an Education Record?

The term "education records" is defined as those records that contain information directly related to a student and which are maintained by an educational agency or 机构 or by a party acting for the agency or 机构. 在bet365中文大学,你的学生记录由以下办公室和部门存档和维护.

记录位置 记录类型
办公室 the Registrar Academic records (all 学校s)
办公室 招生 (School of 研究生 Studies & 研究 and Theological Seminary.) 招生的记录
办公室 Human Resources Student employment records
办公室 Student 金融服务 Student account records
Division of 学生生活 学生生活 records
咨询 & 测试中心 成就和智力测试成绩,兴趣量表和人格测试成绩
Department of Instruction Official folder of records, if one is kept
University Schools (Ruth Murdoch Elementary and Andrews Academy) 学业成绩、入学记录(医疗记录除外)、学生生活记录


What are some of the basic guidelines?

As a student, your educational records are considered confidential.  在大多数情况下,没有你的书面和签字同意,你的记录不会被公布.  As an bet365中文大学 student, 你必须签署一份授权书,以便向你的父母提供你的信息.


Once a student reaches 18 years of age or attends a postsecondary 机构, he or she becomes an "eligible student," and all rights formerly given to parents under FERPA transfer to the student.  The eligible student has the following rights:

  • the right to have access to his or her education records
  • the right to seek to have the records amended
  • the right to have control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information from the records (except in certain circumstances specified in the FERPA regulations, some of which are discussed below)
  • the right to file a complaint with the Department.

FERPA一般禁止不当披露来自教育记录的个人身份信息. 因此, 情报:官员通过个人知识或观察获得的信息, or has heard orally from others, is not protected under FERPA. 即使存在包含该信息的教育记录,这仍然适用, 除非该官员在决定是否产生受保护的教育记录方面发挥了官方作用.


Access to Education Records

在FERPA, a 学校 must provide an eligible student with an opportunity to inspect and review his or her education records within 45 days following its receipt of a request.  学校必须向符合条件的学生提供教育记录副本, or make other arrangements, 如果不这样做,将有效地阻止学生获得记录. 一个恰当的例子是学生住的地方不在学校的通勤距离内.

FERPA通常不要求学校向符合条件的学生提供访问学术日历的权限, 课程教学大纲, 或一般通知,如特定事件或课外活动的公告. 这类信息通常与个别学生没有直接关系, 因此, does not meet the definition of an education record.

在FERPA, a 学校 is not required to provide information that is not maintained or to create education records in response to an eligible student's request. 相应的, a 学校 is not required to provide an eligible student with updates on his or her progress in a course (including grade reports) or in 学校 unless such information already exists in the form of an education record.


Amendment of Education Records

在FERPA, an eligible student has the right to request that inaccurate or misleading information in his or her education records be amended. 而学校不需要根据合资格学生的要求修改教育记录, the 学校 is required to consider the request. 如果学校根据符合条件的学生的要求决定不修改记录, 学校必须告知学生他或她有权就此事举行听证会. If, as a result of the hearing, the 学校 still decides not to amend the record, 符合条件的学生有权在记录中插入陈述,阐述他或她的观点. That statement must remain with the contested part of the eligible student's record for as long as the record is maintained.

然而, 而FERPA修订程序可用于质疑不准确记录的事实, it may NOT be used to challenge a grade, 一个观点, or a substantive decision made by a 学校 about an eligible student.

FERPA was intended to require only that 学校s conform to fair recordkeeping practices and not to override the accepted standards and procedures for making academic assessments, disciplinary rulings, or placement determinations. 因此, 而FERPA给予符合条件的学生寻求修改包含不准确信息的教育记录的权利, this right cannot be used to challenge a grade or an individual's opinion, or a substantive decision made by a 学校 about a student. 另外, 如果FERPA的修改程序不适用于符合条件的学生修改教育记录的请求, the 学校 is not required under FERPA to hold a hearing on the matter.


Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information is defined as information such as name, address, social security number, or personal characteristics which would make the student's identity traceable.

FERPA赋予机构将某些信息定义为“目录信息”的权利,或者学校不需要学生同意就可以发布的信息.   bet365中文大学 has classified the following as directory information: name, 本地地址, local telephone number, bet365中文大学 email address, 性别, 婚姻状况, 家乡, date and place of birth, 学校, academic program (degree, 主修及副修), 注册状态, class standing/classification (i.e., 大一新生, 二年级学生, 初级, 大四或研究生), participation in officially recognized activities, 出席日期, 度(s), honors and awards and photographs.

在FERPA, a 学校 may not generally disclose personally identifiable information from an eligible student's education records to a third party unless the eligible student has provided written consent.  然而, there are a number of exceptions to FERPA's prohibition against non-consensual disclosure of personally identifiable information from education records. Under these exceptions, 学校可以在未经同意的情况下从教育记录中披露个人身份信息, though they are not required to do so.

General Information Regarding These Exceptions

  • FERPA中事先书面同意要求的一个例外是允许“学校官员”," including teachers, within a 学校 to obtain access to personally identifiable information contained in education records provided the 学校 has determined that they have "legitimate educational interest" in the information. 虽然“学校官员”一词在法规或条例中没有定义, this Office generally interprets the term to include parties such as: professors; instructors; administrators; health staff; counselors; attorneys; clerical staff; trustees; members of committees and disciplinary boards; and a contractor, 志愿者或学校外包机构服务或职能的其他方.


A 学校 must inform eligible students of how it defines the terms "学校 official" and "legitimate educational interest" in its annual notification of FERPA rights. A 学校 official generally has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility. "

  • Another exception permits a 学校 to disclose personally identifiable information from an eligible student's education records, 不同意, to another 学校 in which the student seeks or intends to enroll. The sending 学校 may make the disclosure if it has included in its annual notification of rights a statement that it forwards education records in such circumstances. 否则, 发送学校必须作出合理的尝试,提前通知学生的披露, unless the student has initiated the disclosure.
    • The 学校 must also provide an eligible student with a copy of the records that were released if requested by the student.
  • FERPA also permits a 学校 to disclose personally identifiable information from education records 不同意 when the disclosure is in connection with financial aid for which the student has applied or which the student has received, if the information is necessary for such purposes as to: determine the eligibility for the aid; determine the amount of the aid; determine the conditions for the aid; and/or enforce the terms and conditions of the aid.
    • With respect to this exception, the term "financial aid" means payment of funds provided to an individual (or payment in kind of tangible or intangible property to the individual) that is conditioned on the individual's attendance at a 学校.
  • Another exception permits a 学校 to disclose personally identifiable information from education records 不同意 when the disclosure is to the parents of a "dependent student" as that term is defined in Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code.
    • 一般, 如果父母中的任何一方在最近一年的所得税表中声称该学生是受抚养人, 在这种例外情况下,学校可以在未经双方同意的情况下向双方家长披露符合条件的学生的教育记录.
  • 高等教育机构也可能从教育记录中披露个人身份信息, 不同意, to appropriate parties, including parents of an eligible student, in connection with a health or safety emergency.
    • Under this provision, 当发生涉及子女健康或安全的紧急情况时,学院和大学可能会通知家长, even if the parents do not claim the student as a dependent.



If a student is under the age of 18, parents are permitted to receive information as defined by FERPA.  Under the stipulations of FERPA, the 办公室 学习成绩 is not permitted to disclose information with parents about students age 18 or older unless the student has submitted the FERPA release of information form.  Upon calling 学习成绩 with a question about their student, our staff will check iVue for confirmation that the form has been submitted.  Please note that this does not mean, as according to the disclosure exceptions listed above, that we are obligated to disclose all information with any third party who has permission but may only release general information.

What if my parent wants to find out my grades for me?
成绩只能在学生的库帐户中访问,或者直接与教师联系. 如果学生对自己的成绩有疑问,建议他们直接与教授联系, or if the grade has not been submitted.  学生与家长的交流是家长了解学生成绩的最好方式. The student may also add academic or financial proxies which allows important family members to view aspects of the students’ education record.

在FERPA the rights of the parents to review and amend educational records transfer to the student once they turn 18 years old.  Although the rights under FERPA have now transferred to you, 学校可能会向你的父母披露“合格学生”的教育记录信息, without your consent, 如果你的父母在去年的纳税申报表中声称你是受抚养人. 学生的年龄和家长作为监护人的身份都无关. If you are claimed as a dependent by either of your parents for tax purposes, then either parent may have access under this provision.